Cheat Pet Kyubi Ninja Saga with Charles


Name pet : Kyubi
Id : 65
swf name : fox_1

this is pet info so you can easy hack it like other pets via CHARLES Smile

Tools needed : Charles Web Debugging Proxy
Warning : This cheat may be BANNABLE or Banned, so cheat at your own risk!

- Open Facebook
- Enter Ninja Saga
- Open Charles
- In Ninja Saga, enter Pet Shop
- Click on pet you want to buy, but don't click buy yet !!
- Now, go to Charles and find app. ninjasaga. com
- Left click on it and choose Breakpoints
- Back to Ninja Saga and click BUY.
- Edit request window on Charles should appear.
- Back to Charles, on Edit Request Window find AMF.
- Modify the Pet ID and Pet Name (The Pet ID is on [1] String and The Pet -Name is on [2] String)
- Change the Pet ID and Pet Name with data below :

Here is Hacked Pet ID :
ID : 65 Pet
Name : Kyubi

- Then click Execute

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Bagi yang belum Daftar di forum kami daftar ya, :) trims.

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Cheat Pet Kyubi Ninja Saga with Charles
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